How To Write An Essay On The Outsiders Book

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The Outsiders Essay

Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Well in the 1960’s people were judged by how they looked. It was a battle between the Socs and Greasers and a 14 year old greaser, named Ponyboy, is caught in the middle of it all. In the beginning of the novel, Ponyboy gets jumped by Socs after coming home from a movie. From here it progresses. Without knowing it, Ponyboy, Soda Pony’s older brother, Johnny and Two-bit, start flirting with two Soc’s girlfriends. This sparked a number of events, such as when Johnny and Ponyboy get home, Ponyboy 's oldest brother, Darry, gets angry at him because he was out too late and then hits him which lead to Ponyboy and Johnny running away to the nearest park where they get jumped by Socs and Johnny kills a man, from there they became criminals on the run. They hide out in an abandoned church which later catches on fire and they rescue children from it but Johnny gets hurt. Ponyboy is a 14 year old who lives with his brothers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He gets good grades but gets picked on a lot by Socs. He has long dark hair and is small and skinny. He shows that people are not always like they seem. People mistake him for a hardcore Greaser. In reality wants to live on a farm with Soda’s old horse and with Johnny and his parents. After a movie, Ponyboy, Two-bit, and Johnny,
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Johnny is a character most readers love. He is sweet and shy, quiet and weak. Nothing gold can stay, like this poem Johnny doesn’t stay with us long. While most of us love Johnny, he ends up dying after having a burning cross fall on him while trying to save children in a burning church. While he is laying in the hospital bed he said “Stay golden Ponyboy,” these were his final words spoken before he collapsed on the bed and dies. I believe this quote is referring to the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay, which says that everything good comes to an end, and that Ponyboy should hold onto his personality that sets him apart from the rest of the
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