How To Write My Michigan Hero Essay

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My Michigan Hero

“You never know until you try” that 's what my brothers always tell me when they think I should try something new. My oldest brother Jacques is 23 years old and just graduated from Michigan State University and is now attending grad school, my second oldest brother Jaquil is 21 years old and is a Senior at Western Michigan and finally my third oldest brother Jessiah is 16 years old and is a junior in high school at Jackson High School. The reason my brothers inspire me is because they teach me new things that they learned. One way my brothers inspire me is they always motivate me to get better and are always confident in me. Ways they motivate me to get better is because they always tell me I can do better or they say they can do better than that. And they always look for things I can improve on whether it 's sports or grades. Also, they set high goals for me and if I reach that goal I get a reward an example of this is this football season my oldest brother Jacques said if I get 4 touchdowns the next upcoming game he would give me $40 and I only came one touchdown short. Also, they help me get better in areas that I want to get better in. …show more content…

Another reason they are my inspiration is they teach me a lot of new things that they learned from their life and they always encourage me to try something new because they believe I could be good at a lot of things. They always tell me to try a new sport because they say you never know what you could be good at and they say they regret not trying new things or continuing something an example is my 2nd oldest brother Jaquil says he regrets not continuing to box because he thinks he could have been really good. And they say take advantage of the things you have now because it might be the last time you get to do it. And they also help me decisions that I have to make. In addition, they know a lot of people so it helps me out in life. Another thing they do is help me with homework when I need

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