Hsm 542 Week 4 You Decide Case Summary

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this Court’s order to respond in full to the Hospital’s discovery requests and produce the requested documents. Additionally, Defendant failed to respond to the Hospital’s attempts to confer on this Motion.
III. Conclusion and Prayer
Defendant’s bad faith behavior implies that he considers himself to be above the requirements of the Rules of Civil Procedure and the authority of this Court. The complete lack of respect for the Hospital, the Hospital’s counsel, this Court, and the Rules of Civil Procedure shown by blatantly ignoring valid discovery requests for more than six months and this Court’s Order for more than two months indicate a willful disregard that require sanctions. Accordingly, the sanctions sought by the Hospital are necessary and are not excessive. Indeed, the Hospital requests that the Court give Defendant one more chance to meet his discovery obligations and comply with an order of this Court before the imposition of a default judgment in the Hospital’s favor. …show more content…

R. Civ. P. 215.1(d) and 215.2(b)(8), (4) notify Defendant that a failure to comply with the Court’s order will result in an entry of a default judgment in the Hospital’s favor on all of its claims, and (5) grant such other further relief, both at law and in equity, to which the Hospital may show itself justly

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