Human Evolution: The Process Of Natural Selection

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You and I are different, we have lived different lives, and we likely have different tastes and preferences, different eye color, height, weight and overall complexion, yet we have a lot in common. We both have had our genes selected for. Our genes have gained us the right to live on this earth at the current time. Our genetic makeup has allowed our ancestors to survive and reproduce allowing our genes to make us who we are today. If our ancestors lacked the proper genes for survival they would’ve perished and our genes would’ve been lost in history. Natural selection is the process by which certain traits that are biologically connected to an individual are passed down biased on reproductive success. Organisms that do not possess the proper traits to survive and reproduce will slowly die off leaving the next generations to come. Today the human race is thriving the population is rapidly growing and nothing seems to be slowing it from doing so, some argue humans no longer need to evolve. …show more content…

It doesn’t seem like humans have changed at all in the last couple thousand years, people look the same, no one is growing any third arms even though that would be extremely helpful, and nothing seems to be changing. The human race has been surviving in the new modern life style for sometime. If you look at the evolution track of humans we come from a apes, at first we were nomads wondering around the land, but as society began to evolve we settled down and become less nomadic the need for evolution was less important. Society would evolve but humans stayed close to the same. Everything seems to be fine today and humans are not much different than they were a hundred or even a thousand years

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