Causes Of Human Trafficking In El Salvador

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Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking in El Salvador

$5000 dollars are paid for each minor in the human trafficking ring in El Salvador.

It is time, at last, to speak the truth about human trafficking which is an important topic on El Salvador. The goal here is to make people reflex about this problem, that if it’s not happening in your country it doesn't mean it’s not happening somewhere else, and grabbing your attention by talking about the laws against this issue, the favourite one in this chain: Salvadoran girls and woman and finally, the principals gangs of Human Trafficking.

El Salvador is an important source and destination for women, men and children who are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor. The application of certain …show more content…

Sex trafficking of women is a complicated situation with many causes that affect women's decisions to work abroad. One of the many reasons would be a desperate economic situation. Women may become victims of trafficking when they run away from home or when they don't have other options than get into prostitution. Such as Ms. Roberta case, she was was kidnapped by a group of men in La Paz, El Salvador who sexually abused her and forced her into prostitution for two years. She escaped and fled to the U.S. and a social worker trained in child trafficking protection, identified her as a trafficking survivor. The president of ‘’La Unidad de Trata de Personas’’ Smirna Salazar de Calles, says that the people in charge of kidnapping victims prefer more and more minor girls to sell them to their ‘’costumers’’. According to Salazar, the easiest way to mislead a girl is by offering the victim a future in a good job, but then, they will end up being …show more content…

These kind of actions are being sentenced by the ministry and seeing that there is a difference between the past years it amazing. It is terrible how little we know about it. How can a problem, so monstrous and so widespread continue with the majority of society being unaware of its existence? Society is becoming more aware of the sector of trafficking that is known as forced, slave and child labour. Human Trafficking touches every country worldwide, and while there are many individuals and organisations working to combat this problem, it may take time before it is fully realised just how huge this issue

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