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In this article the author is expressing the idea that fishing in the ocean is going to wipe out the ocean’s fisheries. He expresses that we haven’t managed how much we are fishing and that eventually there will be no more species to fish. He refers to fishing as “hunting in the ocean” which shows how deeply he feels we shouldn’t overfish. He also brings up the topic that fish farming is harmful to our environment. The author believes that, “if we recognize that domestication of the ocean is starting to happen, we can craft a research agenda to mitigate the problems and maintain both economic and ecological sustainability.” Overall our goal should be maintaining our food source, but also maintaining the ocean habitats.
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This article brings up valid points about our ocean ecosystem. The way the author used the term hunting really opened my eyes to the bigger picture. We really don’t see fishing as hunting, but it really is. This article brought into perspective the effects we have on our environment, and if we don’t take care of the problems now there may not be food for us to eat. I favor the authors view over this topic, because we need to think not just about feeding our people, but we have to accommodate to the needs of the ocean as well. Before reading this article I didn’t really think much of this topic. I knew people deep sea fished and everything, but I did not realize how people marine farmed. I had no idea that the farmers would trick the fish into their traps or that they used chemicals to attract them. When I read that they used chemicals and that there have been many ecosystems destroyed I got an uneasy feeling in my stomach. We need to take into consideration what species live in those ecosystems, because if we destroy the ecosystem we destroy that community of animals. I’m not really into fishing, but

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