Hupacasath Case Study

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The Hupacasath community was facing high rates of unemployment and poor social conditions. The people that were being affected were Hupacasath Community and the Port Alberni community. The community members were unsure of how to access and work the local industry. It was important for the community to come together and organize a solution because without doing so they would have continues to sink further into poverty. In result off the communities coming together they were able to decide which route they wanted to proceed in regarding restoring wealth back to their land. In ways they did such was by the Hupacasath Community hosted events for the neighboring Alberni community to help shed light on their situation thus bringing more positive attention. Soon …show more content…

He lack of communication regarding the leaders of the Hupacasath leaders and the residents delayed the community intervention from taking place, which in turn lead them to poverty and low employment also seemed to segregate them from the Alberni community. Another issues would have been the lack of knowledge of how to use the economy around them. This as the second biggest weakness I found. The leaders of these communities should have briefed the residents of the possibilities around them but yet nothing was done. Some strengths that I found were the communication that took place between the two communities and within the communities themselves. Communication is what aloud this economic growth between the two communities. Another strength that was built up during the project was cohesiveness between the two communities. Over all it was the combined forces of the two communities created many strengths that has now left the communities stronger and better off. If only they could started this project years

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