Five Greatest Strengths

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According to the SAPA project survey (Condon,2015), my five greatest strengths are being reliable, dependable, trustworthy, honest, and punctual. In this survey their were a lot of questions about myself when it comes to my personality. The questions that I answered consisted of my feelings towards others and how would I deal with certain situations that will occur in my life. After answering those hundred questions, the test proved I was very reliable. In the results it showed three different line graphs showing extraversion, agreeableness, and emotional stability (Condon,2015). On the extraversion graph it indicated that I would prefer to be around people a lot of the time and are sociable, outgoing, energetic, and lively. This part of the…show more content…
When I say strengths I mean I would find each employers strong and low points in each area of the organization, once I figured out their lowest and high points in certain areas I place them in their positions. I believe this will better the organization because each worker will have a position that they are comfortable with, if their comfortable they're going to master the skill that was given to them. According to (Traynor,2010)) The learning process begins with building awareness and identifying individual talents using the Clifton StrengthsFinder Profile and reflecting on previous use of these talents. This statement is basically stating the same thing that I said I would do to better my employees in a organization, you always have to figure out what a person strengths, that's why some organizations fall apart because a lot of their employees are placed in positions that they really don't even know much about. Another article stated managers can better the natural strength of their employees by developing a talent differentiation analysis (Wilson,2010). I also think that this another way to make an organization better by taking surveys on certain fields in the organization and utilizing the survey to determine where to place your employees. Overall, I believe the best way to make your organization better by using the strengths of the…show more content…
I've seen different organizations break down and break up from not having people at their strong points. Anytime you have a strength based group or organization it's going to do good in numbers, solidify the pure definition and meaning of the organization and for the most part you will almost have someone to back you up and/or assist you in any endeavor at hand. According to (Mykota,2015) Results affirm that the establishment of a close personal strength-based relationship is key to client engagement. Collaborative goal setting with informal and formal community resources viewed as potential assets, characterizes the process that enables clients to live at their optimal level of independence (Mykota,2015) . This article has a lot to do with why I based my opinion off the question at hand, it's proves that benefits of having a strength based organization is that you don't have to worry about failing in whatever you are trying to provide. Another advantage of having a organization that is strength based we get the opportunity to work with and collaborate with other organizations that share the same interest. Simply having a helping a helping hand is like the old cliche' says it's strength in numbers. In conclusion, the main benefit of having a strength-based organization is so that you organization can

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