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In table 6.9 the overall ranking of factors that causes delays in construction of Hydropower projects have been established based on the result of analysis of factors in each group.

Table 6.9: Ranking of factors that causes delays
Factors Contractor Consultant Overall Index Index Index Index
Delay in approval of Bid Documents/ Design Specifications 3.78 3.51 3.69 1
Modification/ increase in scope of work 3.70 3.43 3.58 2
Delay in approval of Detailed Engineering Drawings & Construction Materials 3.62 3.12 3.43 3
Lack of prompt decision making 3.29 3.48 3.38 4
Delay in giving land acquisition to the contractor 3.09 3.37 3.25 5
Delay in payment of contractors invoices 2.86 3.43 3.21 6
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In order to identify the effect of delays in hydropower construction project, there are factors that effects delays were identified and ranked based on the mean value which calculates the average indexes of factors between contractor and consultant, as shown in Table 6.10. Referring to Table 6.10 and Figure 6.11, shows time overrun and cost overrun were the two most common effects of delays in construction project from the view of point of contractor and consultant. According to the top ten factors that contributed to the causes of delays, there are at least five factors having high influence that caused of time overrun in construction project such as delay in approval of bid documents/design specifications, delays in sub-contractors work, modification/ increase in scope of work and conflicts in sub-contractors schedule in execution of project. For cost overrun, there are also contain at least five factors having high influence in construction project, such as lack communication and coordination, change orders by client during construction, inadequate contractor’s work, ineffective planning and scheduling of project, and mistakes and discrepancies in design…show more content…
These methods are ranked based on the mean value which calculates the average indexes of method identified by the contractor and consultant. The result of research revealed that the effective site activities, effective planning & execution, clear correspondence channels, working with collaboration in construction and proper planning and scheduling has made the top five effective for overall ranked by contractors and consultants.
The site management and supervision is the most important factor among the fifteen factors. In construction, we need to ensure the coordination among the various personnel’s, supervise quality and standard, and ensure that the contractors meets the required timelines to achieve mile stones, avoiding shortcuts or deviate from restraints. Besides that, the project directors and managers also need to ensure that the material used is according to the contract and according to

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