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Would I Have Quit War is not hanging out and eating ice cream. It is fighting for what is right and survival. It is December 15th, 1777 in Pennsylvania. I am in Valley Forge and it’s either freedom or death. It’s very cold and I can hardly stand it. Getting food is hard. It’s very hard to survive. It has come to the soldiers to decide whether to stay or re-enlist and fight or quit (not re-enlist) and helplessly die from freezing to death or smallpox. After thinking long and hard… I have decided to re-enlist, because General Washington needs healthy men, the people need my help, and I want my freedom. The first reason I will re-enlist is Washington needs healthy men. Lots of men are dying from having 12,000 soldiers to 8,000.( Doc A147) …show more content…

Paine also inspired many men to stay with his inspiration letter.( Doc D 153). He also inspired me. My friend also died in front of me and told me this before he took his last breath, “ Win this war for me.Avenge me and get the people their freedom for me. I know you can win this war!” The reason it’s making me re-enlist is because the people need my help to get their freedom just like my friend. And I will get it for them and my friend. I will do what I can and besides I want to die for honor and purpose for my country than to die with nothing to live for and no reason to …show more content…

Plus the conditions are bad/awful. Though I am going to re-enlist, because Washington needs healthy men, the people need my help, and I want my freedom. I’m also going to stay due to my country needing me. Plus I will die helping my country instead of dying for nothing. It is important for every soldier at Valley Forge to be asked whether to stay or leave because General Washington needs to know if you will stand with him and fight for what 's right. It 's important to know today due to people needing to make decisions like this at times. Trust me you will make a decision like this too. I will

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