Ignorance And Arrogance In Antigone

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In the play Antigone, you can understand how Creon is a tragic hero from interacting with Antigone and this interaction advances the story through persistence, ignorance, and arrogance. We have all been very closed minded on topics previously, and some of us are closed minded on many things and don’t want any change they aren’t use to or don’t believe in, and this is the same case between Antigone and Creon in the play Antigone. This describes the play, Antigone by sophocle,s in how Creon, the king of Thebes, does not want the brother of Antigone, Polyneices, to be buried because Polyneices was fighting against him in war. This is the opposite for Antigone who wants Polyneices to be buried because she can’t have another brother and her other brother was buried. I believe that the theme of Antigone is determination as both Creon and Antigone are really determined to have their way and not compromise. In the play Antigone, Creon and Antigone’s interaction develops a theme by showing persistence, ignorance, and arrogance. …show more content…

On the bottom of page 262 between lines 212 and 214, Creon says, “For anyone who acts against the state, its enemy, I’d never make my friend.” Because of Creon’s ignorance he was judging Polyneices based on the fact he went to war against him and not on who he is. It developes Creon as a tragic hero because his son dies because he would not let him marry the woman who tried to bury her brother that waged war against him. Another example for ignorance is on between lines 1406 and 1407 when creon says to himself, “mistakes made by a foolish mind, cruel mistakes that bring on death.” Ultimately, Creons ignorance ended up being the reason for his sons death. Creons ignorance brought pain upon him when he wasn’t planning on it and it helped him realize how ignorant he was. Ignorance isn’t something you’d want to be, being ignorant can sometimes be confused with being

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