Illiteracy In The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a story about Amir’s life. A young boy growing up in Afghanistan with his Baba and his servants, Hassan and his father, Ali. Hassan and Amir were best friends almost like brothers, but their friendship had complications because of Hassan being a Hazara. Due to Hassan’s illiteracy, Amir would read stories to Hassan. Sometimes, Amir would even write his own stories to read to Hassan and let his father's friend, Rahim Khan, read. Rahim Khan was like a second father to Amir, except he was proud of and encouraged him unlike his actual Baba. Amir and Hassan did almost everything together, but most importantly they would participate in kite flying contests. Amir would fly the kite while Hassan ran the kites that Amir would cut down. Amir and Hassan were in the kite flying contest one…show more content…
Sohrab was still young when the Taliban killed his parents which caused him to be sent to an orphanage. Amir traveled to the orphanage but Sohrab was not there because a Talib official bought him. Eventually, Amir was able to locate Sohrab, but the Talib official turned out to be Amir’s old enemy, Assef. Assef and Amir had a fight to the death and if Amir won he could walk free with Sohrab. As Amir was about to die, Sohrab saved Amir by slingshotting Assef in the eyeball just as his father, Hassan, threatened to do years earlier. Amir and Sohrab escaped from Assef and stayed in a hotel for a few days. Amir got the idea that he and Soraya could adopt Sohrab, however, to do that it was a lengthy process which included sending Sohrab back to the orphanage for awhile. When Amir tells Sohrab this, Sohrab is so distraught that he attempts suicide. Amir finds Sohrab in the bathtub with his arms sliced open and he calls 9-1-1. Sohrab gets taken to the hospital where he is saved and Amir gives him better news that he will not have to go to the orphanage because Soraya found a way to get Sohrab an American
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