Impact Of Globalization On Sustainability

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When we discuss about the impact of globalization on sustainability, we have to understand why we have “globalization” in world business and where we should pay attention in sustainable development.

Globalization is an act that began to become popularized during the 1820s, and the term was established in the 1970s. (Wikipedia) Globalization highly involves cultural exchange as well as international trade, and it is the trend of moving businesses between both domestic and national markets to other markets around the world. (Investopedia) Thus, globalization is a course of event driven by international trade, which involves governments, people, and companies from various nations. ( The four main aspects of globalization include ‘trade and transactions’, ‘capital and investment movements’, ‘migration and movement of people’, as well as ‘the dissemination of knowledge’.

The process of globalization is highly connected to different aspects within the society, such as economics, social-cultural as well as the environment. (Wikipedia) While Glidden defines Globalization into four different dimensions, which are “World Capitalist Economy”, “Nation-State System”, “World Military Order” and “International Division Labour”. (GLOPP, 2007)

Factors that boost globalization

However, globalization can lead to some environmental challenges, such as climate change, global warming, overfishing and air pollution. (Wikipedia) Besides, globalization can destroy the “home” of

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