Impact Of Social Media On Health Care

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What connection does increasing health rates have to do with patient and physician communication.
Referral md.”24 Outstanding Statistics and Figures on How Social Media has Impacted the Health Care industry” 2017. Accessed 7, October 2017. This article provided for helpful statistics on how social media impacts health care. It helped me broaden my question as it exposed me to more topic rather than just social media helping physician popularity. I was able to consider the different aspect that social media holds on health care, such as how patients access health related sources online instead of going to the doctors. Additionally, this article …show more content…

It is mostly due to convenience as its more conventional to look up symptoms at home than to get in a car and drive to see a physician. The problem with that is that it creates fear within the patent as they are essentially guessing what they have and many time are overly diagnosing their is so common that is now has it's own name: cyberchondria. This article was the defining article as it narrowed down my research. It helped me establish that I wanted to focus on patents reliance on the internet for diagnosis more than anything …show more content…

When a person looks up their symptoms they are referred to minimal diagnoses such as the flu, but are also taken to extremities such as possible cancer or arthritis. The problem with this is that even though the person may just have the flu, they are already fixed on the worst of possibilities such as having cancer. While looking up their symposts they immediately go into conclusion of having the worst of diseases because their search demonstrated a slight section of what they were experiencing. This article gave me an addition perspective of what patients and doctors think over online diagnosing. Patients often times believe they have defining diseases when they go to meet and explain to their doctors what they are experiencing. They already have that mindset and doctors try to convince them that, that may not be the matter. It strengthened my search as it provided for more investigation into what patients thought of when self diagnosing themselves. Lastly, this article has made me decide to focus on the doctor's perspective of self diagnosis rather than from the

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