Importance Of Cat Father Essay

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“Cat dad”(BBC Trending) is another very famous way of teaching. For fathers, an overly severe attitude does not build a good example in the child's mind. So the cat father to give children freedom, let them make their own decisions. Extreme ways like tiger mom can't radically change the child. At the same time, parents can not follow the child's whole life,So parent to communicate with children in a gentle way usually can touching their child. For example, cat fathers tend to respect children's opinions about their hobbies, and they let their children learn what they like, because when you do what you are interested, your efficiency will be very high, so you have a higher chance of success. Relationship Relationships are not…show more content…
For children, there are many things are strange in the world. They need their parents' proper guidance, because parents will be very experienced. A good relationship between parents and children can help children learn more life skills. As a result, children can adapt to the new environment more quickly in the future. Many parents are very happy to be friends with their children. They can communicate with their children in time, while parents can get the confidence of their children. When children are in trouble, they will communicate with their parents immediately. Under such a relationship, parents can also find problems in the process of children's…show more content…
So parental behavior also has a huge impact on the growth and development of their children. Parents are the children's mirrors, and children are the parents' shadow. This statement reveals that, parents are their good models in the minds of children, and whatever their parents do right or wrong, children will imitate their parents' actions. Therefore, when children study in school, they can also represent their parents and it is important that parents set the right examples for their

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