Vociferation Essays

  • The Importance Of Appearance In The Hunger Games

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    How important is appearance in everyday life? At work? Or even at school? Although appearances do not affect one’s chance at survival in ordinary life, they undoubtedly are very important in The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins. As time goes by, Katniss and Peeta have to be more careful as to how they look and act when around the Capitol, or in front of the camera. Katniss and Peeta’s appearance, altered by the capital, is important for their survival before, during, and after the games.

  • Second Hand Smoking Persuasive Speech

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    “Cough! Cough! Heee!” goes the defenseless child gasping for air, as the smoke enters her lungs. Did she chose to inhale these toxic fumes that you are releasing into the air? The answer is obvious, you have forced this little girl to smoke with you. One needs to know the facts of second hand smoking as well. For adults, second hand smoke is just as dangerous. So why is this just allowed in most public places? People continue to hold their tongues when they know the harm that second hand smoking

  • Creative Writing: Ember's Lesson

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    "Everyone to your houses, lock the doors, board the windows and any place that you can get into your house." Said the voice through the loudspeaker in the middle of the old town where there are no flowers, only cowboys and crows, and horses. Right now the streets were littered with people scrambling to get to safety in their house. All of the people are rushing to get to their countryside house. All but one. This man was one of the town's misfits, he never bothered to step foot in one of the Saloons

  • Warren Hood: A Fictional Narrative

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    “The storm’s coming a day early now, Hood” “We’ll be ready.” Warren Hood said “The north side is completely evacuated, and the south side about 85%. The park will be completely empty within the next 6 hours or so, and shelters are being set up outside of the severe warning zone.” Warren said firmly. “Alright, alright, I trust you” snapped Commander Boman. Four hours passed. Everything seemed to be going smoothly with the evacuation, but the storm was accelerating as it moved closer inland. It’s E

  • Short Story About The Gingerbreadvillan

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    Gingerbreadvillan “Lucy be quiet,” Miles whispered. “What is it?” Billy mumbles. “I think, I think it's ginger I can smell it” Joey said. “It can't be why would it be making noises?” Steve says. As the ground started shaking the door popped and glided to the ground. “Hello I'm home hehehehe” says the gingerbreadvillan. All of the humans scream and try to run away from him but the gingerbreadvillain catches them and puts them in his arms and holds us he runs out into an old path that says “keep out”

  • Personal Narrative: When Did I Die

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    Once upon a time, I lived. I lived a wealthy and hospitable life in aristocratic circles; however, that same young man became greedy and corrupt to a point where a deal was struck with the devil. It was 1890 when I died, although my casket remains empty to this day. I have continued with my life from that day forth—always living, no matter how sinister, and never dying. I stay a few years in one place before moving on and establishing somewhere else. There was only ever one other person with knowledge

  • Mad Hot Ballroom Reflection

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    Mad Hot Ballroom, directed by Marilyn Agrelo, is a documentary filmed in New York City. Throughout the film, students and faculty of elementary schools teach a ten-week ballroom dancing course in preparation for a city wide competition. Unbenounced to the children, simply by being themselves, they would be teaching their audience a valuable lesson about adolescence, socialization, and institutions. Throughout the film there were a handful of behaviors that one would consider typical for the age

  • Personal Narrative: A Humorous Incident

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    I woke up to the sound of a gunshot outside of my window. It was not unusual to hear that in the town of Clinton where everything was basically just war. Everyone was always arguing and there was no peace at all. I hoped one day everything would go back to normal. As I got out of bed I hit my head on the bottom of the top bunk(which was made of metal by the way) ¨Ouch!¨ I yelled . ¨How do I still not see that coming! I mean really, I've been here for three years and I am still not used to it.¨

  • Creative Writing: The New England Colonies

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    “One more crate!”, shouted Berry, one of the men on the loading team. “ Their getting ready to trade with Europe” I announced to Taylor “The new England colonies are famous for ship building so we’re quite lucky that we live here”, Taylor said to me. Taylor’s sister, trying to help picked up the smallest crate and stacked it in the back. I turn towards the ship and screamed as loud as I could to Taylor. The ship set sail with her 8 year old sister on board. Taylor is frightened with the thought that

  • Joy Daycare Center Observation

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    Ethan is a 3-year-old baby boy, who spend most of his day at the Sea of Joy Daycare center, in the far North Side of the city. Roughly, there are twenty-five infants and toddlers in this daycare center. The Sea of Joy is a well-organized and safe daycare center. It has a great facility with multiple playgrounds and well-informed staffs. As I observed each child has unique behavior, some were easy going, shy, playful, and difficult. In this essay I will be going to discuss about my observation of

  • Personal Narrative-The Boom Babies

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    The Boom Babies “C’mon honey” I said to Devin, my baby. We were at Stepping Stones Day Care. It was my little boys first day. I wanted to drop him off early, at 6, so I could make it to my job at school as a teacher. “Hello, I’m here to drop of my son,” I told the Daycare women. “We are glad to have him,” she seemed to quote back at me. “I’ll pick him up at six,” I told her. “Have a nice day!” she called as I drove off. “Hi Greg,” I called to our security guard. I dropped my tests off at the

  • Creative Writing: Distorted Perception Of Pain

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    My world explodes into a distorted perception of agony and chaos. Pain envelopes my existence. Heart beating rapidly. I’m hyperventilating. The air smells of smoke and burning flesh. Everything feels numb. My forehead is bleeding, blood pouring down my face, my nose and over my eyes, filtering my vision red. Despite the ringing in my ears, I can hear screams and gunfire. A shape appears right above me. It’s Sydney, face splashed with dirt, grass, and blood, eyes wide in terror, frantically shouting

  • Personal Narrative: A Day At The Nursing Home

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    As I a sat in my chair, in front of the nursing home, looking at the pretty slushy snow on the ground, I think of how my life could have been different, I could have had working legs, a working body, I could have not accepted all those people who said that they were my friends then left. Then, I hear three different voices approaching me. I get so excited, and forgetting all of my problem, I think: Maybe they are here to volunteer or to take me out for a walk. Just as I finish my thought I feel

  • Examples Of Dramatic Monologue Of Lady Macbeth

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    Lady Macbeth are you ready for Banquo 's funeral? No dear I 'm not ready, I will never be ready for the funeral of a man we killed. My dear wife you attended King Duncan 's funeral with no hesitation what 's the difference with Banquo 's funeral? He was your friend, your loyal friend. Keep your voice down! Are you trying to get us caught. No of course not dear. It doesn 't matter what you say honey you must attend this funeral. And why is that? She replied. Why, because we must lose this suspicion

  • The Death Of The Moth Analysis

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    Everyone leads different lifesytles and varying experiences, but no matter how diffrering a humans life is, it all ends with death. The essay “The Death of The Moth” was published posthumously in 1942, a year after Virginia Woolf lost a battle with depression and mental illness, and at age 59 committed suicide. Virginia Woolf 's "The Death of the Moth" shows the audience the power of death through a short narration about everyday, yet very symbolic moth. Woolf uses her own experience of watching

  • Examples Of Society In Catcher In The Rye

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    In the book, The Catcher in the Rye, author J.D. Salinger expresses such struggles through a series of engagements with numerous stereotypes and establishments of the American society. Typical of the 1940s - 1950s, that represent facets of society a well as figurative micro rift of these conflicting positions. Salinger’s narrator and protagonist, Holden Caulfield gives different and sui generis perspective of observing this interaction of the adventures of himself. In this book, Holden is preserved

  • Hiroshima And Virginia Woolf's The Death Of A Moth

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    Manipulating Moments in Time: Comparing John Hersey’s Hiroshima and Virginia Woolf’s The Death of a Moth Time can be manipulated in several different ways in writing, whether through sentence length, detail, time skips, flashbacks, flashforwards, or any number of other strategies. In their pieces Hiroshima and The Death of a Moth, John Hersey and Virginia Woolf use several techniques to manipulate moments in time; in the beginning of Hiroshima, Hersey prolongs and relives the moments before and during