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  • Michael Jordan's Vertical Jump

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    for basketball as a whole. Leg muscles are the most important, yes the longer your legs are the more force you will have but if one 's muscles are weaker than the other then they won 't jump as high. Over the years people have been getting stronger, taller, and that means there verticals increased too. Vertical jump is important for basketball, Is affected by muscle strength and dieting, , and the performance of what you wear. Basketball was invented in 1891 by Dr. James Naismith,who was a canadian

  • Divergent Argument Essay

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    The book Divergent is set in a futuristic world with new technologies and fascinating scenery. The author has an ability to capture everything in sight, to give you elaborate details of what going on around each scene of the book. The dialogue in this book gives you a feeling of being a character in the book itself. There are many unexpected twist and turns in this book and it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters in this book all seem to have unique backgrounds and it exciting

  • Duck Quacking Research Paper

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    cat stared. I look down at a feather and stare at the wolf with a mad face. I bite of my glove, and I take off the other glove too. I find a rope in the fence, and I grab it. The wolf tries to get the cat while the cat is slipping off the wolf jumps, and the cat “meows”, but the wolf never got a hold of the cat. I’m climbing the fence to get to the wolf, the crow, and the cat. I grab onto a tree limb and hold it while the wolf is sitting down on the ground

  • Personal Narrative: Track And Field

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    field started. I was well excited to be out in the crisp, fresh air to start practicing for my events. I decided to try high jump that season, along with long jump of course. Still, I had to be careful from the deep laceration

  • Jumping The Nail Character Analysis

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    I found in the book was when Scooter says that he is going to jump the nail but then he actually has to go through with it because he doesn't want to be called a "Chicken". Elisa also got peer pressured. I know Elisa got peer pressured because she said she was going to jump with Scooter but she didn't want anyone to know because she didn't know if she was actually going to jump. Somehow someone figured out that Elisa was going to jump with scooter and when Elisa and Scooter got there people started

  • Why Is Basketball The Best Sport Essay

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    will help build endurance as there is a lot of running from one basket to the other. Playing basketball also helps to build muscle and improve balance and coordination. Playing basketball requires you to use all of your muscle such as your legs to jump for a dunk or dunk, and your hands and arms to dribble or shoot. Due to the constant the constant dribbling, jumping and shooting it helps train and build your muscles. As well as building muscle playing basketball also helps improve balance and coordination

  • Personal Narrative: My Amazing Spring Break

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    Who had an amazing spring break? I know I did. It's probably the best one out of all my spring breaks. I went many places with my family and friends. Some places were very interesting and one place I loved the most but HURT ALOT!! I started my spring break on a sunny vibrant Friday, I had a baseball game that day and the next and the next days also. Yeah, A LOT of baseball. Friday I only had one game, Saturday I had 2 games and then Sunday I had 3 games. We won all of our games till the end

  • The Trail: A Short Story

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    “DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” Their voices thundered in my ears as I cautiously peered over the cliff’s edge at the churning, foamy water below. I felt as if the entire world was urging me to jump, when in reality it was only a small group of shivering boys. I looked up at the tropical blue sky and listened to the palm trees whispering in the wind behind me, it seemed so peaceful and calm in comparison to the agonizing dilemma I was experiencing. Taking a deep breath of pure determination and willpower

  • Examples Of Prejudice In The Outsiders

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    greasers and the Socs. Both classes disliked each other, just because of prejudice. The greasers assumed that all Socs were condescending, egocentric, and gaudy, and all the Socs identified the greasers as dangerous hoods. Therefore, lots of Socs would jump the greasers and vice versa. The next example of prejudice and hate is the fact that Ponyboy hates all guys with green eyes (page 1, chapter 1) only because he associates green eyes with Socs. This is a prejudice against individuals with green eyes

  • The Dog-Personal Narrative

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    He looked at me with his eyes wide open, ready to play, but I just kept my cool and backed away from him. I went from the couch, away from hi to just spectate his actions. Before I even walked all the way to the couch, I saw the family jump up and they walked out the door quickly. I thought that they were going to leave me with this dog and go do something. Instead they came back only after a couple minutes holding a toy that looked like a rag. I stood back and observed the give the toy

  • Essay About Hooping

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    One problem I would love to work towards solving is that most people assume the hula hoop is a child’s toy, mere playground equipment for ages three to twelve. When I tell people I love to hoop they may think I’m referring to basketball. When I explain that hooping means hula hooping I open myself up to receiving strange looks from people, sassy comments, or just plain confusion. I have heard people say things such as “You deserve a medal if you can keep a hula hoop up for more than three rotations

  • Joy Daycare Center Observation

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    Ethan is a 3-year-old baby boy, who spend most of his day at the Sea of Joy Daycare center, in the far North Side of the city. Roughly, there are twenty-five infants and toddlers in this daycare center. The Sea of Joy is a well-organized and safe daycare center. It has a great facility with multiple playgrounds and well-informed staffs. As I observed each child has unique behavior, some were easy going, shy, playful, and difficult. In this essay I will be going to discuss about my observation of

  • Descriptive Essay On Alaska

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    Alaska, the last frontier, houses many of the only places in the United States that have not been explored by humans. Alaska provides the ecosystem for loads of life that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The biggest glacier in North America, the Hubbard Glacier, the lush forests that range over the hills, and mountain ranges that stretch for hundreds of miles draws thousands of tourists from many counties come see Alaska. Many of Alaskan forests are in danger due to illegal logging and

  • A Narrative Essay On How I Spent My Summer Holiday

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    Everyone succeeds more when they dedicate themselves the fullest. Abroad, hiking deep in the mountains requires coordination, overcoming extensive physical walls, and striking dangers. When our group tackled the French border, our hard work got the results we only had wished. As my foot crossed the line, my language trip to Spain was lifted off the ground. Trekking over peaks demanded having ample coordination. With the time we were given to climb over the mountains, we needed to have great logistics

  • The Golden Retriever Analysis

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    then Mojito Rose for a moment forget her soft toys. Back to the bed She is very happy that performs an important duty together with her owner Kim Downie. However, at the end of the day when she gets tired, she gets up the stairs with a new toy and jumps into the soft bed full of toys. They never succeeded in the fraud to move some of the toys downstairs against her will. She knows exactly where she left each of them and will return all neatly in place. Ready for Halloween In recent days Mojito Rose

  • Argumentative Essay On Dogs And Dogs

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    Argumentative Essay Let’s say that you are going to obtain a pet dog or cat. Which one should you get? Surprisingly, there are actually factual evidence that point towards the dog side. If you want a pet, you obviously only want the finest. After all, they are going to stick around with you for the next 10 years. Some reasons why dogs are superior to cats are that they are more loving than cats, they get you more fit, and you will get more friends. Doesn’t everyone want these precious perks that

  • High Jump Exercise

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    switching of the legs during the jump. The hamstrings also help straighten the hips and assists with bending of the knee. The gastrocnemius, which is located at the behind the shin, also help with the bending of the knee and the soleus which is just located below the gastrocnemius helps flex the knee. When performing a squat, the muscles worked are quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, latissimus dorsi, internal oblique and abdominals. When performing the jump, the muscles worked/used includes

  • Ankle Dorsiflexion Research Paper

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    Therefore, the research on ankle dorsiflexion states that dorsiflexion influences the way a subject performs a jump (15). Also, other factors that can play a role in vertical movements are arm swings, countermovements, stretching and ankle taping (7, 9, 10). However, in our research, we are going to observe what factor ankle dorsiflexion plays in jump performance. This is important because jump performances are used in examining professional athletes across the world. The purpose is to investigate the

  • Vertical Jump Speech

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    Vertical Jump. Okay, so let’s begin. The first, and one of the most important question is “what the hell is Vertical Jump”. Well, Vertical Jump is a heigh between your maximum range and the floor. Usually it is measured in inches, but you can also do it in cm (more popular in the Europe). Typical result for non-training person is 21 inches or 55 centimeters. Vertical Jump is very usefull in many sport disciplines such as Basketball, Voleyball, or even in Football. With high Vertical Jump you don’t

  • Jackie Robinson And Jesse Owens: Professional Sports Analysis

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    Robinson seven national championships behind Owens. In this perspective, Jesse Owens had a bigger impact during college in their respective sports. Jackie Robinson is an incredible college athlete himself, participating in multiple sports. Owens long jump record would not fall for 25