Celebrity Endorsement

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The research by Rashid et al (2002) asserts that celebrities can assist in the recognition of brand names, create positive feelings towards the brand and create a distinct personality for the endorsed brand. Celebrity endorsement is also believed to generate a greater likelihood of customers’ choosing the endorsed brand due to the existence of factors such as brand trustworthiness. Trustworthiness refers to the honesty and believability of the celebrity.
The use of celebrity endorsements in an advertising strategy could enhance the marginal value of the advertisement expenditures and create brand equity. According to Salvatore and Washington (2007), the particular product – endorser combinations result in better overall attitude towards the product, greater intent to purchase the advertised product and more credibility for the endorser. Rashid et al (2002) found that the endorser credibility had strongest impact on attitude towards the advertisement while corporate credibility had impact on the attitude
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The study intended to analyse the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement among the consumers, establish the effectiveness of celebrity endorsement in brand recall. The study also analysed the factors that affect consumer attitude in brand recognition. The study applied an exploratory research design. The sample size for the study was 50 and the respondents were selected using simple random sampling. Questionnaires were used to collect primary data and secondary data were collected using journals and magazines. Descriptive statistics such as the percentages and frequencies were used to analyse data. The study established that celebrities companies in making their products stand out from the rest of other products and services offered in the market. This improves their communicative ability, improves brand recall and facilitates immediate

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