Importance Of Concussions In Sports

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Over 2 million children suffer concussions in sports every year. Many of these concussions go untreated and without proper treatment, these concussions can lead to serious health problems.Concussions are important because if they aren’t identified and treated it can lead to complications in an athlete’s life down the road, things like CTE can affect their mood and decisions later in life, possibly leading them to make choices they wouldn’t normally make like blowing their money, doing drugs, alcoholism and even committing suicide. People should be doing more to prevent and treat concussions in sports, specifically in football. Although people say that concussions are too hard to track and that the science is too new to rely on, symptoms of a concussion can be …show more content…

This is incorrect because when concussions are properly managed there are usually no long-term effects and concussion protocol has improved and become much better than in the past. “To families whose anxiety has been stoked by reports of former N.F.L. players with degenerative brain disease, the new facilities are seen as the most expert care available.” (Pennington). The NFL is spending millions of dollars to research concussions and improve the protocol. This proves that NFL is trying to improve the concussion protocol and that the science is more exact and trustworthy than before. In addition, The NCAA and the NFL have studied the long-term and short-term effects of concussions and made new rules, equipment, technology, and protocols. (Polenerow). These studies have improved the science behind diagnosing a concussion and made it more accurate and easier to identify. Although years ago concussions were difficult to track and identify, today scientists have found ways to treat and track

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