Importance Of Conscription Essay

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Conscription is the compulsory enlistment of men or women into the armed forces. Founded in 1948, Israel is a country that is situated in the Middle East and actively enforces military conscription for both men and women. The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) is given authority by the state to draft any Israeli citizen or permanent resident who is above the age of 18. Utilising the case study of Israel, this essay will argue that military conscription is both necessary and desirable for the survival of the state of Israel.
In order to understand why conscription is both necessary and desirable in Israel, it is imperative to understand Realism. Realism is a theory that has a pessimistic view of society. Realists believe in a few basic facts. Firstly, humans are inherently selfish and power maximizing. According to Thomas Hobbes, this is the reason people subject themselves to the state. The state is able to organize itself for war, thus being able to provide domestic security (Georg Sørensen, R. H, 2007, 67). The ability of the state
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(1992). Wendt applies social constructivism to international relations and proclaims that how states treat each other has been based on past experiences with each other. Thus, social constructivists such as Alexandar Wendt would argue that if Israel and its Arab neighbours take the appropriate steps to ease tensions, the animosity between these states would end. Liberals would see the various attempts at peace by Israel and Arab nations as a positive sign that peace is possible. They would argue that consciption is unnecssary for Israel. However, such peace treaties are merely temporary and unstable. The overwhelmingly negative experiences both Israel and Arab nations have experienced with each other has made peace a far fetched
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