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In life failure is synonymous with death, you don’t know when it will happen, how it will happen, but one thing you can be sure of it will happen. I remember learning how to ride a bike I consider myself a good rider one thing I don’t remember is how many times I fell in attempt to trying to learn how to ride. When I received the news that I was being dismissed from law school I was devastated. Being admitted to law school was one of my biggest accomplishments and also one of my biggest failures. In every failure there are lessons I learned three life changing lessons sitting out a year of law school. The first lesson I learned is patience in the plan. The second is a patience in the process. The third is to fail forward. I sat out of law…show more content…
Once I was admitted in law school I met corporate attorneys and saw what they did on a day to day basis. Being a corporate attorney is not me they make great money work long hours. My first year in law school I did a spring break internship with Lone Star Legal Aid. I enjoyed researching and advocating for my clients. Later that summer I worked with Earl Carl Institute. Another internship I thoroughly enjoyed I worked in the real estate, and bankruptcy department. (Patience with the Plan) The time of the goal is not more important than the goal itself. Patience in the process Flat tire story. I was driving on I-45 seeking out a lead. I was driving the speed limit with the traffic and suddenly my car started to hydro plane. My emergency lights immediately came on my dash board I could hear something was in my tire. I put my hazard lights on and looked for the nearest exit. Worried and anxious I focused and found a exit. I was not to far from my house and I knew of a tire shop close by. My goal was to remain calm and if I could only get to the tire shop I know everything will be fine. I had to put my hazard lights on cars were honking at me, I could see drivers saying obscene things to me I saw my turn and drove toward the shop. I made it to the shop. I could see

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