Essay On Infrastructure Gap

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Infrastructure is best defined as the basic structures needed for the operation of a functional society. Infrastructure gap refers to the need for investments in infrastructure for society to function efficiently. This gap is a worldwide phenomenon that occurs everywhere ranging from the depths of Latin America to the United States. Normally, the term infrastructure gap is a monetary value that can be expressed is absolute or relative terms. Having an infrastructure gap for a country means that there are many projects all around that either aren’t being completed or aren’t even started yet. These projects are probably needed for the country to achieve economic growth. Currently there is a great need for investments to fill up this infrastructure gap. With the help of Investments coming in in different mediums, the infrastructure gaps all over the world can be eradicated and countries will be able to flourish. The implications of having an infrastructure gap are far greater that people might believe it is. There might be people that think that since infrastructure means structures likes roads and bridges that the harm wouldn’t be that extreme. But they would be far from the truth. A simple…show more content…
Some, if not most, of the resources should be coming from the government and for those to be allocated to the repair or upgrade of the current infrastructure would be up to the politicians in office. Those politicians motivated by the future of their constituents should work hard for more efficient and durable infrastructure systems for the country or state or region. The rest of the investment could come from private entities that are concerned about the wellbeing of the infrastructure of their society. Infrastructure is the root of all of society and thus with the help of investments should be kept as economically aware, efficient and labor-saving as
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