Inquiry Based Learning

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This essay is going to discuss the inquiry based approach to learning, and why it is a useful learning tool that promotes discovery, critical thinking and engaging in investigative techniques that allow learners to find solutions, sum up opinions give constructive feedback and gain insight into why an event happened. I will reflect on my participation from this, and what I learned that has compelled me to study towards becoming a social worker.
Inquiry based learning [IBL] is a fact-finding process through which by curiosity displayed by a learner or a group it entices them to search for answers about the topic. Additionally, in a classroom environment, the teacher may ask an open-ended question that fascinates the class to want to look for …show more content…

However, the goal is to produce an outcome; if they cannot continue through the process because of conflict, the team may not get a satisfactory result and progress will stall and the team will fail to perform the task, will not get to evaluate on their experiences or present a finished product (Tuckman 1965).
Additionally, it requires participants to use an in-depth method of thought called critical thinking. This process will challenge them to look at different aspects of why the event happened, and they might find that they had a misconceived understanding beforehand and, that, has changed as they explore further and internalise what they have learned.
At the conclusion, they will discuss the process that was taken and evaluate their findings with the class or teacher. This time allows them to express their experience and voice their opinion on the matter. It may be so, that he or she has become quite passionate about it which means he or she has learned from the inquiry (Guido 2017).
The group inquiry process to learning I was in, allowed me to think quite intently on historical events that affected New Zealand society, the objective of the inquiry was to gather information using critical thinking and delving deep to finding a greater meaning to why legislation came about because of …show more content…

Additionally, I was able to lean on group members and lend support where needed. I felt secure knowing I could depend on them when I had little direction, and that gentle persuasion was reassuring.
What I gained from this is to prepare myself for different scenarios in the classroom, and how I can use valuable tools like IBL to become skilled with knowing certain social policies and ways of approaching and utilising investigative techniques to come to a better understanding of clients I will eventually work with and help to guide in the future.
It is favorable that I become part of an institute that encourages exploratory creative opportunities for growth and development and critiques inaccuracies in my submissions and gives me feedback accordingly.
What I have gained from the Whakamata SW5.01 course has created a gradual maturation in a learning context and a slightly deeper understanding of the influences and history of social work in New Zealand and how far it has

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