Importance Of Market Structure

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ECONOMICS ASSIGNMENT CLASSIFICATION OF MARKETS AND ITS PRACTICAL IMPORTANCE SUBMITTED BY, REVIN FRANCIS NO-b1488 MBA-A MARKET STRUCTURE Market structure is defined by economists as the characteristics of the market. It can be organizational characteristics or competitive characteristics or any other features that can best describe a goods and services market. The major characteristics that economist have focused on in describing the market structures are the nature of competition and the mode of pricing in that market. Market structures can also be described as the number of firms in the market that produce identical goods and services. The market structure has great influence on the behaviour of individuals firms in the market. The market structure will affect how firm price their product in the industry. The market structure will affect the supply of different commodity in the market. When the competition is high there is a high supply of commodity as different companies tries to dominate the markets. A market structure will affect the barrier to entry for the companies that intend to join that market. A monopoly markets structure has the biggest level of barriers to entry while the perfectly competitive market has zero percent level of barriers to entry. The other factors that influence the firm behaviour under a market structure are the efficiency. Firm will be more efficient in a competitive market while firms will be least efficient in a monopoly

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