Importance Of Social Divide In The Outsiders

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People find the right path to life if and only if they undergo hardships. We may not learn to cherish the beauties on our long journey if we don’t know the pain of losing something important. We need comparison to find out the hidden treasure surrounding us. In the book “The Outsiders”, I find the best instance to illustrate the benefits from a critical situation, which is the social divide. Although the social divide restricts how the Socs and the greasers behave towards each other, it is beneficial to show Ponyboy the strong care from his gang, the importance to stay gold, and how precious it is to have his brothers keep him company. First and foremost, social divide is beneficial because it shows Ponyboy that his gang strongly care about one another. When Ponyboy and Johnny go to save the children from fire, the greasers show their loyal friendship: “Johnny shoved me toward the wind. ‘Get out! …… and I went down into a peaceful darkness” (Hinton 93). Johnny considers Ponyboy’s security as the most important thing, so he pushes him out first, and gets burnt terribly. Moreover, Dally saves Johnny without hesitation as a big brother would do. There are a lot of similar cases in the novel that show the great care among the greasers. It is social divide that forms different gangs, while gangs are units that closely stick together. As a result, the greasers depend on each other and protect each other as a big family. Therefore, social divide embodies its benefits in showing
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