Body Language In Joe Navarro's What Every Body Is Saying

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Now your body is saying. Did you know that you not only used, when they contact with someone, they have to talk so this is the reason why the spoken language skill is probably important in daily life the mouth to say but also used the whole body to say? Naturally, human is social animal so they need communicate with each other for survival and growth of their life. Actually the most people usually spend their time to using and practicing only the spoken language to communication and improving their relationship. They know how to choose the word for expression of their feeling, they know the meaning of many words, and they almost realize everything in spoken language. However, they usually suffer from problem in their relationship because they …show more content…

And how can we trust the body language? Yes, we can trust the body language but no one should be blamed as a liar. The book What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro (2012, p.266) represented that in fact, it is very difficult to identify that who is a liar because it has not the any behavior definitely that specify to be the lie sign. Although some expression of body language can just indicate some feeling such as worry, stress or uncomfortable, these feeling might lead to lie. These behaviors are external signs which we can observe easily. So if you want to read someone’s mind skillfully, you should to practice and observe their expression carefully. These are some basic sign for searching someone who might be a liar. When you want to find the sign of abnormality that might be a lie sign, you should observe some behavior that called ‘pacifying behavior’. For example, touching the face or neck areas, licking the lips area, scrub the forehead area, playing with their hair or blowing breath from their mouth. These expressions are emotionally tranquil action that people will do these when they are worried or uncomfortable about something in their mind. Sometime, it might be the lie words that they want to cover

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