Importance Of Teaching English To Young Learners

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English as an international language is used and taught in many countries over the world include Vietnam. Teaching and learning English have become a demanding task for Vietnamese education. According to McKay (2006), young learners are children who are aproximately five to twelve year of ages. Although young learners have a limited attention than aldult, young learners are easily motivated in learning language if teacher gives them the interesting activities (Ur, 1999). The language learning approaches use to teach young learners best through discovery, experimentation (Tavil&Isigag, 2009). Children want to play, have fun, and make friends so they are going to learn from whatever around them relatively quickly. Therefore, the learning and teaching processes should be wellmatched with the nature of children learning. There are different engaging, play-based, and creative activities to teach English in classroom such as songs, games and stories. They are enjoyable and motivating activities so a desire to continue learning is created and learners want to come back (Tavil&Soylemez, 2008). Moreover, they can be used in the classroom to keep English learning interesting and to support textbook learning since students seem to be fond of working outside of the textbook. All these activities are considered as the right techniques used to teach English to young learners. However, only two activities are mentioned in this study: using songs and using stories-storytelling. The

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