Importance Of Universal Healthcare In The United States

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The cause of the Revolutionary War was to end tyranny in Great Britain, because the American Colonies were being taxed without representation. The thought of having more taxes like that is crazy to our society now. There has been a common argument about the United State’s healthcare crisis. People in America are starting to ask questions such as “Why am I paying so much money for healthcare and getting close to nothing back?” The truth is America pays the most money on healthcare but does in fact get nearly nothing back from their healthcare agencies. People are arguing about whether America should get universal healthcare. Some people believe America should have healthcare because the wealthiest country in the world shouldn’t make everyone …show more content…

Some people believe that it is worth the extra taxes to have free healthcare. This paragraph will show why universal healthcare in America would not be good for the United States because of the cost and money problems. states that “In the United Kingdom and other European countries, payroll taxes average 37% - much higher than the 15.3% payroll taxes paid by the average US worker.” That’s right taxes studies show that the reason the UK’s taxes are so heavy is because they have universal healthcare, so researchers believe that if the US gets universal healthcare the taxes here would get raised here too. The reason taxes need to be raised is because without the healthcare private industries America’s government would have to own all the hospitals and provide all the medicines for the hospitals. So because you get to stop paying for insurance you don’t get to stop paying taxes used for the medicines needed. The second problem is, “In the United Kingdom, which has a right to health care, a 2002 study by the British National Health Service found that it was ‘critically short of doctors and nurses’”states They say possible doctors will not want to be doctors, because many doctors’ pay will drop a lot with the universal healthcare system. states that, “A right to health care could lower the quality and availability of disease screening and treatment.” This would be because with free healthcare hospitals and other medical facilities income would be cut short and they may not be able to afford the most helpful or the newest technology or research. All these websites show that free healthcare in America wouldn’t really be free, it showed that America shouldn’t get free healthcare because it would mess with our government 's tax

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