Importance Of Values And Values In Social Work

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Social Work Ethics And Values
A social worker’s sole purpose is to make certain of an individuals well-being. That said, the Code of Ethics, a set of values and standards, is given as a guide to help them be successful in their work. I believe that all National Association of Social Workers(NASW) Values are equally important, but three specifically resonated with me. Service, integrity, and social justice have always been an important part of my life.
It is my personal belief that every social worker needs to have a passion for serving others. The entire purpose of the job is to put others above self, just as Christ did while He was on this planet. One of the reasons I chose to pursue social work as my career was because of my recent found love for volunteer and mission work while in high school. From doing Bible studies in the community to going on a mission trip to Bolivia I realized I wanted to do service for the rest of my life, and look forward to doing it through social work.
Integrity is an important key that should be used not only in social work but in all aspects of life. When a client confides in a worker about his or her past, it is up to the social worker to keep complete confidence on the matter for the clients sake and their well-being. Personally integrity is something I exercise in all of my friendships. Gossip ruins friendships and lives, and so I try as much as possible to not talk about private conversations Ive had with a other people.

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