My Educational Goals

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During my entire school year starting from freshman year and ending it now at senior year; I have always enjoyed helping others. When I volunteer, I go out my way to help out others who are involved in organization or even the ones who are doing everyday things. Many of my friends may see it as uncool or wack, but I see it as building character and work ethic up. If there is a person in need of assistance with their groceries, cleaning, crossing the street, or more; I will be their to help that person out. This will help me out in the long run with college and everyday life. I will always push myself to be better than what I was the past day and I can say that volunteering has made me a better person. I have volunteered countless of times …show more content…

My educational goal is to be able to graduate high school with honors and hopefully getting into my dream college. This educational goal of mine is very important to me because it not only lets me know how hard I have been working, but it also keeps me focused in school so I can obtain this goal that I want. My personal goal is to be able to get to a point in my life where I can be financially stable being able to take care of me and my family. I always looked into the future seeing myself as very wealthy and being able to do things with my family without struggle and I made it my goal to strive for this by putting in the time and work in school. My professional goal is being able to become a doctor and take care of people that are in need of help. I know that in order for me to get to this professional goal of mine, I’m going to have to put in this work ethic ten times harder and I am ready for it. This program has made me do things that I thought that I was incapable of doing. This is one program I believe will prepare me for college, but all in all all of these experiences and programs has touched me deeply and will forever be kept within me, so that I will be able to use everything that I was taught in everyday life. I will continue to get involved with any organization or program that is willing to accept me and take me in to learn from them and progress life. I am always and will never forget any of these experiences because they have made me into the man that I am

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