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The calling God has placed on my life is one I never thought I would want much less actually have. God has called me to be a pastor, more specifically a lead pastor of a church. Quite the task but one I feel God is preparing me for and has given me all of the tools necessary to do. The calling to be a pastor is not one I question any longer. Summer 2010 was when I felt God call me to one day be a pastor. I fought and argued with God over that calling for a couple of months and finally surrendered because I could not fight it any longer. Later on this was all confirmed by family members and friends once I began to talk about it. It was a settled issue. Ive been in some type of ministry for almost seven years now. College ministry while I was …show more content…

I value the deep relationships I am able to develop with certain people. There are three specific people that have known me for various lengths of time and each hold a special place in my life to where asking this of them is nothing and something they are already doing. Those people are my dad, James Love, and Alex Johnson. My dad has been a pastor for over thirty years and has been there for every step of my life, the good and the bad. He wants to see me succeed in the calling God has placed on my life. He knows what it takes to be a pastor of longevity, have a family, and lead a church all at the same time. I want to do all of those things as well and I know I have my dad as a well I can draw from on those areas and also can come to him with any problems I have in life because he has proven true to help and encourage me along this road of life. My friend James has helped me through so many things in my life. When things go awry I know I can count on him to being me back down to earth and make what seems like a crazy situation one that God will smooth out and take care of. He, as being a seminary student, is a wealth of knowledge for me on life and on ministry. He has seen and experienced a lot of what I have which is what drew me to him as a friend in the first place. Plus, we are so alike in our personalities that when I cannot see what is going on or why I am acting a certain way he can always call me out on it because he in turn would have acted the same way and knows whats going wrong in me. My friend Alex has been such a constant for me in the craziness of life. The times when I just want to get away from it all and need to vent or just leave the world behind I know I can always count on him. Alex loves Jesus but he is not in the ministry which is amazing for me. I can go with him and just talk about life, sports, outdoors, and go do something and just have fun. It is such a blessing to have my life surrounded by

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