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Being a part of Central Catholic 's community really shaped me in many ways. The rich and vibrant experience, on a large scale, is life altering. As part of the motto, "Men of Faith, Men of Scholarship, Men of Service", I feel the only way to exemplify these qualities is through character. One 's attitude and the way he/she act defines a person more validly compare to words. Men of scholarship, I feel is associated with intellectual growth. As a student, I try extremely hard in my studies. The reason why I choose to dedicate a large portion of my time to succeed in school is not because of myself, but rather for my family. I would not consider myself to be naturally smart and don 't want people to judge me based on my grades, …show more content…

To me, the whole purpose of life is not solely about self-improvements, but consist of what can I do for others. To leave an impact is to be selfless and only through these external signs can I shift from this "me"-focus prospective to a "we" state of mind. Let 's pretend the water are the people who we interact with on a daily basis. The act of serving others is like a rock, and because it 's a rock it won 't move until a force is apply. One 's action should not be misplaced, and to seek an impact one just have to drop the rock into water. These external actions, even on a small scale, has a ripple effect. At the sight of these ripples there are signs of contentment and happiness which I get from serving others. As a student, I am always open to helping others. Even outside of school, I offer my fellow classmates to text me if they ever need any help, and I get numerous of text especially in AP Stats. Even when I have a heavy load of homework, I always take a slice of my time to help my classmates. It is not about how "I" could improve but how "we" can improve together. What I gained is not validation but rather a sense of filfullment. Take NHS for example, I go down there for tutoring and work with Dylan Pete, a sophomore, in particular. When I work with him at the end of the day, I get this sense of unexpected happiness. Thus, I feel it 's my responsibility to show up every free period to help and guide him. This "we" component plays in again as we both learn

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