Short Term Education Goals

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My short term education goals include attending Northern Virginia Community College for two years and completing my Associates in Science degree in engineering. I hope to join the honors college and graduate with a GPA of 4.0. During my time at Northern Virginia Community College, I hope to truly learn and prepare myself not only for transfering to a University but also for real work and life after college by applying the skills and knowledge I learn. Not only do I want to learn but I want to spend time in extracurricular activities such as cross country or join clubs like the robotics or math club. My goal is to complete community college with no debt. After I graduate from from Northern Virginia Community College I plan to continue my education at the University of Virginia or Virginia Tech where I hope to graduate with bahelors degree in Electrical Engineering.…show more content…
First, it will free up my time by requiring me to work less during the school year but still let me graduate debt free. Secondly, the time that is opened up will let me study more, allowing me to continue to earn straight A’s as I have done in the past. However, this time will not only help me earn straight A’s, it will also let me spend more time to truly learn what I am studying. The new free time will also let me participate in clubs such as the robotics club which will not only augment my learning, but help me prepare for my bachelors degree and spend time with other students who have similar interests as me. It is my goal to eventually earn a leadership position in one of these clubs, this would not be possible without this scholarship. The Commonwealth Legacy Scholarship will help provide me with oppurtunities that beforehand were not available to

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