Importance Of Women Education Essay

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The aim of Social rights include,securing the ability to live a life of dignity for everyone including women, without depending on others (apart from or other than the state), while fairly accomplishing all basic necessities, including rights in the sphere of employment, welfare rights, and rights to education and health. Consequently, the the feminist struggle and the social rights movement, which endeavor to achieve these goals for women, have a common goal.

Right of Education today is as essential as food and water. A lot has been done in recognition of the importance of education of girls and women in the contemporary world.
Ghana also has obligations under UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of
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The gender imbalance is still evident in national enrollment tied, drop out rates and also biases in the curriculum. Cumulatively these end women’s access to employment and their potential productivity. In the urbanized areas, lack of the required qualifications and a thin range of skills limits female access to formal employment. In the agrarian areas, lack of female education is probable to limit farm productiveness. Presently three quarters of female farmers have no education. Inadequate numeracy skill and illiteracy are also reported to limit the skillfulness and productivity of female traders. Educational disadvantages may hence also be a leading obstruction preventing women from responding to modification in incentives. There is a need to encourage female enrollment in non-traditional vocational/technical education at post primary level in order to widen their economic possibility.Revising or upgrading of the curriculum of literacy/adult education programmes should include skills that are particularly relevant to women’s economic activities and for which women themselves are interested in., e.g vegetable production,English,arithmetic, water supply maintenance,

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