Indescribable Moment In My Life Essay

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Everyone has a time in their life, where they find out who they are and who they want to be. It begins to affect every action, word, and movement. It overtakes their bodies and it begin to shine, allowing everyone to see who they have become. That indescribable moment in my life would be when I laid my life down to the Lord. That moment transformed the misfit I was into a woman of God. As I went through High School I kept forgetting to rely on God and praise him through the joy and through the pain. I often found myself making my own dreams and goal, I tried to make them happen myself and nothing would work out. As I began to trust Lord more, I realized He had the perfect plan for my life. I had a choice to follow it or keep living my life…show more content…
I was quickly reminded that I have something bigger planned for me if I listen to the Lord. With me coming to the realization of the bigger plan, I began to listen to Him more and saw that with everything I wanted to do and the plans I made for myself were nothing compared to what He has planned. He told me one night to pursue nursing to help people and to serve them, just like Jesus served many. My trust in the Lord grew abundantly and everything I did, I did it for the Lord. One hundred percent of my actions became actions unto the Lord. And although during the hard times it was difficult to put all of my trust into the God, I knew that he had a plan for that time. Some people say that the little things you do, don 't matter. But I firmly believe that no matter how big that task or the situation is, that God has it under control. I quickly learned to praise Him through the trials and tribulations but also through the joyous times as well. I know with me going to CCU I will work hard, not only to succeed but also because I 'm doing what the Lord has planned for my life. I am listening to His every word because I know what He has to say is important. My plans were to take a year off of school, to pray and seek the Lord on what career choice He wanted me to

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