Individualism In The Arizona Humane Society

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Individuality is a trait that everyone believes they possess, but more specifically is a trait that I have fully embodied. Throughout my entire life, I have always been drawn to everything that was deemed as different or even unlikable to others. At the age of only 11, I began to dye my hair a spectrum of colors, wore ridiculous suspenders and horrendous socks. Admittedly, it was a bit wild and semi-embarrassing looking back at yearbook pictures, but in those moments, I was having the time of my life being able to entirely express myself and even helping friends along the way to truly be comfortable with themselves just as I was. While there is a multitude of traits that distinguish me from the rest, individualism is the root of not only being…show more content…
While it was not dealing with exotic, endangered animals, I was still able to help homeless dogs find their forever homes by helping set up adoptions. Up until I started my Junior year of high school and got my first job, I spent about every weekend at the shelter. Eventually and sadly, I had to dedicate more time to work and school, as it was both important for me to stay on top of my grades and pay both my phone bill and car insurance. Working and balancing school may not be considered an “achievement” but it is something I am proud to have been doing since I have turned 16. This is because it has taught me many social skills I can use throughout my life and has also allowed me to fill in leadership roles; as I have helped with tasks in the work environment such as training, managing and dealing with customers, and so much…show more content…
I let myself stress over every little detail in life, and because it was hard for me to express my feelings, I often let the emotions build up. This frequently resulted in me having panic attacks in the bathrooms during lunch and even during tests. Fortunately, I stopped having panic attacks when I started high school but had to deal more with my manic depression and struggle with it still to this day. It made me lose a lot of motivation, which goes to show in my transcript. When Junior year started, I was stupendously enthusiastic and everything seemed to be great, but then I was giving up on everything. I knew I needed to develop a plan for the following semester so that this would not happen again, which is why I switched to online school. This immensely helped me as I was able to focus on myself, my mental health, and gave me more time to

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