The ASPCA: The First Humane Society

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There are many animals in need all around the world. Each one has a different story, a different history, a different life. That’s why we have organizations like the ASPCA, to rescue animals that can’t do it themselves. It’s also a wonderful place for people to add a new fluffy four-pawed pet to the family. The ASPCA is the first humane society that was established in North America. It was founded back in the year 1866, by Henry Bergh. His goal was to help all animals who have suffered from abuse, or just needed a new home. Bergh set up the ASPCA headquarters in no other than New York City. Now, the ASPCA has locations set up all of the United States, but the headquarters remain the same. Many people have decided to help out over time, which…show more content…
They turn animals lives back around, taking them from the harsh cold, and putting them in a place where they can live their life in comfort. They offer many programs too, like emergency veterinary care, foster care, pet supplies, humane euthanasia, and pet behavior counseling. The ASPCA has also helped out other shelters, including one that was affected by hurricane Sandy. The organization even provided them with over 40 grants, totaling over $350,000. Workers at this shelter spent at least 72 hours there, prepping before and after the storm in order to keep the animals safe. They had to use emergency power and even a gas generator provided to keep the animals nice and toasty warm. The ASPCA also gave out fresh water, light, which allowed the staff to get back to performing their…show more content…
It’s funding comes from many different things. Cash grants, sponsorships, executive and technical assistance, and training are just a few. They distribute their funds effectively, like how I mentioned earlier with the shelter after hurricane Sandy. The ASPCA provided them with necessities to keep the animals alive. In conclusion, the ASPCA does its best to help animals, no matter how difficult it may seem. Giving helpless animals to people who care, it what the ASPCA strives to accomplish. 100’s of animals are rescued everyday from their abusive owners, all because of the
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