Influence Of Social Media On Teenagers

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In “Influence of Social Media on Teenagers” Suren Ramasubbu, Contributor, Co-founder, and CEO of Mobicip, explains how social media influences adolescents and teenagers. As published on The Huffington Post, A survey by Common Sense Media found seventy five percent of teenagers in America have profiles on social networking sites. Of the seventy five percent found, sixty eight percent uses Facebook as their main social networking tool. Social media comes with peer pressure and this includes risks making adolescents vulnerable to the “evils” of social media (Ramasubbu 1), which include cyberbullying, sexting, and Facebook depression. Also problems such as social network-induced obesity, internet addiction and sleep deprivations can also influence teenagers. Social media distracts the user, similar to how soma changes the behavior of the characters in Brave New World. While social media distracts the user from the real world, soma also distracts the characters of the world they live in by having them use the mind altering drug to make everything seem ok for the time being. Cyberbullying ranges from direct threats to anonymous activities like trolling. Roughly thirty two percent of teens have admitted to having experienced bullying online from others, although only fifteen percent of teens were “disturbed” or “uncomfortable” about having their private messages shared (Ramasubbu 2). Another type of cyberbullying is trolling which is the act of inflicting “hatred, bigotry, racism,

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