Informal Relocation Program

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Thesis Statement: Relocation programs help informal settlers promote self-reliance and productivity by enhancing their capability, proficiency and optimism. Poor and informal settlement are two different things, poor means having a little money and informal settlement means areas where groups of housing units have been constructed on land that the occupants have no legal claim to, or occupy illegally. It means that the level of the informal settlers or the squatters is lower than the poor because squatters do not have their own property. If the informal settlers are located to another place it means that the government gave the informal settlers a house, and nothing more. The person still needs to work and use the skills that they have to…show more content…
The government provides all of it for the people to have a good life. According to Shahani the government relocates people off-city and Shahani also said that it was less successful. That would be 100% successful if it was off-city if there are near job opportunities plus if it has complete needs like electricity and water. According to Ballesteros and Egan the government used a lot of money specifically P 5.6 billion from 2007 to 2011 and that’s a really big amount, through the years it will not be lessen if every year there will be a relocation program but it will really help a lot of people, but sometimes not all informal settlers are staying to the relocation sites because some of the people are all relying on the government that the people think the government will give and give all the needs so some of the money will be wasted. According to Ballesteros and Egan also, some of the relocation programs have doubtful performances because they lack job opportunities and some lack the basic needs of a house which is electricity and water, of course the program will not be successful if there is something that is lacking and this is also the reason why some of the informal settlers are leaving in the relocation sites. Punongbayan, Ballesteros and Egan have the same point that some of the informal settlers are coming back to be a squatter again which they lack job opportunities electricity and water is the cause. But there are still relocation programs that are successful some people stayed on the relocation sites and some of them are already thriving because the people started at the property given by the government, at least now the people have their own property, the people will not pay apartment fees anymore just their daily needs so that will be the start of their development as a person. If the people will not be self-reliant they will stay poor or
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