Information Technology In Information Communications Technology

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Introduction ICT is an acronym that stands for Information Communications Technology. The first thing to focus on is Information technology. Information technology includes all the uses of digital technology to help individuals, businesses and organisations use information and people who work with it. Information Communications Technology is similar to Information Technology, but focuses mainly on communication technologies. Information Communications Technology has reshaped our world since it started to appear. It help many tasks in everyone’s life become easier than ever. Robots help workers in industrial works. People can use smart devices like smart phones, tablets with thousands of funtions to study, communicate and entertain wherever, whenever they want. Now it only takes a millisecond to search for information. People used to pay a lot for international telephone calls, but now it costs nothing to talk to anyone in most countries thanks to communicating application like Viber, Skype. The invention of social network make everyone friendlier, closer to others. Besides the benefits to daily life and works, Information Communications Technology is also a crucial factor to the development of other scientific fields. Astronomers can use huge computer systems to calculate, silmulate what happens inside a star, the way the universe and galaxies operate. Economists can use many applications, information systems to anticipate what will happen to the economy in nearby future.
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