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Snowboarding is a winter activity that many people participate in all over the world. It has become such a huge sport that it is in the Olympics every four years. Snowboarding became very popular in 2000 and was also the fastest-growing sport in the United States with numbers reaching a total of just over 7.2 million people that participated in the new sport. However, people don’t just snowboard to go down hills, like skateboarding, snowboarding is considered a trick sport. Most of the participants like to grind off rails, jump off boxes and soar off jumps into the fresh powder waiting below. Most snowboarders have a bad reputation for always wanting to smoke weed and then take up the entire mountain and don’t care about anyone else, just …show more content…

In 1964 a surfer by the name of, Sherman Poppen, imagined surfing on the wintery wonderland that is the Rockies. The idea made him create a sort of surfboard but for snow; by putting two kids’ skis together he created the first surfboard for snow! Only a year later they started being produced under the name “snurfer”. However, just as quickly as they stole people's hearts were they gone, after ten good years, no one wanted them anymore. If it wasn’t for Dimitrije Milovich in 1970 who was impressed by the idea and reinvented it while using cafeteria trays in the snow. Milovich started to recreate the snurfer with better materials, seeing which would let him go in the deepest powder. Many articles were posted in the newspapers about this new toy, up until 1980 when the company went broke. However, many surfers were already caught on and they wanted this “snurfer” to continue being produced, so they started making their own. Many different designs were created and used in an annual Snurfer contest held in Michigan, but it was Jake Burton’s design that really stood out as being the “snowboard”. Everything started to take off from there, people were buying boards like crazy, mostly surfers who wanted to take their surfing abilities to the slopes for winter. It wasn’t until 1987 when the first European Snowboarding competition took place that now

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