Integrated Child Development Essay

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INTRODUCTION India, a six decade independent country growing enormously in science and technology still strives hard to protect its children less than five years of age. According to UNICEF 2011 Report, with 20 percentage of 0-4 year child population in the world India has the credit for having largest number of children. With an estimate of 27 million live births India again constitute to 20 percentage of world’s live births. Contemporarily in India 1.83 million children die annually even before the completion of 5 fives. Though India since 1990 has significantly gained in child survivals within the age group of 1-4 years with a decline of 56 percentage While India has made significant gains in child survival in the age group 1-4 years since 1990(56 percentage decline) the overall decline in the child mortality was largely held up by slow progress in the age of neonatal deaths. Government implemented numerous programmes from pre independence till…show more content…
ICDS was introduced in October 1975 as a result of numerous researches and evaluation studies of over two decades. Through establishing a network of projects centres across the country this programme is given a holistic approach to the physical, psychological and social development of the child. Setting up ICDS for children and nursing mothers has been a major step by the Government of India to face the crucial challenge of providing pre-school non-formal education on one hand and breaking the atrocious link between malnutrition, morbidity, reduced learning capacity and sometimes mortality of the child on the other. Children in the age group of 0-6 years, pregnant women and lactating mothers are the beneficiaries of this scheme. Objectives of the

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