How Children's Development Is Influenced By A Range Of Personal Factors Essay

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Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors. All children develop in physical, social, educational aspects of development. But there are several personal factors which influences children and young people’s development in one or more aspects. This includes: Health conditions, physical disability, allergies and nutrition, sensory impairment, exercise, Addiction, gender. Health conditions: Young children may not have very strong immune system, making them prone to catch infections and illness like cough, cold, fever, etc. very quickly. Health conditions in children and young people can be determined by their immune system and vaccination they get to protect from serious diseases. Physically …show more content…

For children with partial or complete loss of vision, hearing impairment this essential link of “watch and follow” or “hear and speak” is missing. This can affect their language, communication and social development. Gender: Boys and girls have different growth rates. Girls’ reach maturity earlier than boys. This can affect communication and social development. Exercise: Lack of regular, physical exercise affects health and behaviour of individual for e.g. obesity leading to low self-esteem in many young people. Physical appearance leads emotional, behavioural problems or may trigger hazards in physical development in future. Allergies and nutrition: Balanced diet and nutrition are keys to physical and psychological fitness. Various food allergies affect the diet of individual which affects the physical growth. Lack of proper nutrition has adverse effects on health like anaemia, tiredness, loss of vision, etc. which harms physical, social, behavioural, intellectual development. Social development affects in children with severe allergies as they always worry about their allergic reactions. Going out with peers mixing with them in a different environment is stressful as it may not be allergy

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