Explain How To Be Based On A Range Of Legislation For Inclusive Education

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In the nursery I am in there are SEN policies and procedures to be based on a range of legislations to help guide us to meet specific needs of the child. Legislation in the UK prohibits discrimination in education and supports inclusive education. The UK also has obligations under international human rights law to provide inclusive education for all children.CSIE (2013) Legislation and guidance for inclusive education. http://csie.org.uk/inclusion/legislation.shtml ( Other policies would be relevant to the SEN policy. Sometimes these would include Equal opportunities, health and safety and child protection. There are many special educations need which need to met in today 's society in early years settings. The department of education provides …show more content…

Another sign for a child to have learning difficulty is a barrier to making use of the educational facilities provided for children of the same age in schools. “Special needs” arose from an influential report in 1978 known as the Warnock report. This report suggested all children have the right to a good standard education regardless of disability. As we do in our nursery a team of professionals assess children along with their parents. “The statementing process has become too bureaucratic and unresponsive to parents” In the Warnock report the term ‘ children with learning difficulties’ should be used to describe children are currently categorised as educationally sub normal and those with educational difficulties.Gillard, D. Warnock report 1978 - notes on the text. http://www.educationengland.org.uk/documents/warnock/ . The mistake people make in early year setting is assuming all children learn at the same rate. Children do not learn at the same rate or speed. Each child is an individual with individual methods of learning, strengths and weaknesses. Children need to be examined in order to indicate whether they need special educational …show more content…

This foundation endorses the principle of non-discrimination and reinforces the important of fundamental human dignity. My nursery tries to provide all these thing 's seeking respect for children. Disability is a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term effect on a personal ability to perform normal day to day activities. The Disability Discrimination Act in 1995 requires things to be unlawful to discriminate against people in respect towards disabilities . This includes employment, transport and education. In our nursery we concentrate on The equality Act of 2010, we aim to provide the development needs of a every individual child in the nursery and provide appropriate resources to support children as to the curriculum. Where necessary, appropriate adjustments to practices and procedures will be made to ensure difficulty for young disabled children is not an issue. Conveying whether a person needs additional needs is very important to make sure of. The identification of special needs should be made by a hey person who makes regular observations of each progress. Any concerns can be made aware of and dealt with. Parents can be informed of the

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