Asian American Culture Essay

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Component #1: Inter-group Characteristics
Attitudes, beliefs, and values The Asian American culture has seen a drastic increase in population between 2000 and 2010 and is characterized as, “one of the fastest growing racial and ethnic communities” (Humes et al., 2011). Asian’s found their way to America for economic and social status, financial stability, and family growth which are similar reasons they left their country of origin. Asian American’s are made up of much diversity, to which they are influenced by values and philosophies. The family is a significant part of the Asian community which naturally extends to multiple households. The extended families often consist of multiple generations that greatly impact decisions of the group.
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Barriers to obtaining professional health may come from a lack of education or exposure to Western mental health treatment. Language and counselor ethnicity are also barriers that impact Asian Americans seeking to counsel. A key event in the Asian community was the establishment of Chinatowns. The towns were established as Chinese Americans were forbidden from living among Caucasians, owning property, marrying outside their race, and receiving an education. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was established for family reunification among immigrants. The Act of 1965 saw a population increase among Asian Americans to approximately 7 million…show more content…
A counselor must work to develop an understanding of cultures in order to identify values, beliefs, and attitudes. Learning about a culture implements respect for the culture and the difference. This would help to understand subgroups within each culture. It is our responsibility to advocate for and implement social justice for all students. We must identify that one approach does not work for all individuals. It is ethical for a counselor to ensure all students have a fair and equal right to respect, academic achievement, and personal development. One way to ensure equality and respect is for the counselor to identify personal biases and
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