Inter-Group Characteristics Of Asian Americans

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Component #1: Inter-group Characteristics Attitudes, beliefs, and values The Asian American culture has seen a drastic increase in population between 2000 and 2010 and is characterized as, “one of the fastest growing racial and ethnic communities” (Humes et al., 2011). Asian’s found their way to America for economic and social status, financial stability, and family growth which are similar reasons they left their country of origin. Asian American’s are made up of much diversity, to which they are influenced by values and philosophies. The family is a significant part of the Asian community which naturally extends to multiple households. The extended families often consist of multiple generations that greatly impact decisions of the group. The first born in the South Asian culture maintain a significant role with the caretaking of family members. Asian’s maintain closeness within their families and avoid meeting individual needs. “Adult children may reside with their parents until and even after marriage and for married sons to take care of their parents in their old age” (Tewari et al., 2003). Issues related to stereotypes Asian Americans have experienced racism and stereotypes through differential treatment, verbal and physical assault, racial slander, and even homicide. They are portrayed as “yellow peril, heathens, and dog-eaters.” As a whole, the Asian culture overcame barriers of racism with high academic achievement, high incomes, low percent of utilizing

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