Internal Conflict In The House Of The Scorpion

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In the book, The House of the Scorpion, written by Nancy Farmer, Matteo Alacrán is the clone of the most powerful drug lord in the world, who is called El Patrón by everyone he rules. This fictional novel focused on Matteo Alacrán, who struggles with fitting in and being accepted by the world as a human where clones aren't treated better than animals. Eventually Matt escapes Opium and finds his own path. The three topics addressed in this captivating novel are, internal conflict, irony, and protagonist. First of all, internal conflict is shown throughout Matt’s journey from child to a teen, until he finally comes at peace with himself. For example, “Matt suddenly snapped. ‘I’m not a good boy!’ he screamed. ‘I’m a bad clone!’” (73). Matt is only a child this point, and had to endure six months of imprisonment before El Patrón steps in and frees him. Six months of imprisonment and being treated like an animal can cause mental problems to anyone,…show more content…
“She didn't believe Matt because he was only a ‘disgusting clone.’ A dull rage at the unfairness swept at him” (105). Matt always thought that the fact he was discriminated against because he was a clone was unfair. However, he would often call himself a filthy clone and wave his status in María’s face. Compare this to later in the story, “‘Once you’re in control, you’ll destroy the opium empire and tear down the barrier.’ [...] ‘I promise’” (368). Matt is declared a human and the new ruling drug lord of opium. This empire has been the cause of the death of thousands and both the U.S and Mexican governments want it to be abolished, if Matt does that he will be a hero and accepted as a human, so naturally he does. Despite feeling like a villain, Matt goes through his journey, comes to terms with himself and decides to use his power for good, becoming a
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