Interpersonal Communication In The Film 'Good Will Hunting'

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The film Good Will Hunting, exhibits many concepts of interpersonal communication through the different characters who are in the film. Emotions and conflict are the common concepts to be represented. Both run emotions and conflict run high in the film and are visible in multiple ways. The main character Will Hunting is a complex character due to his past and capabilities of his mind. His emotions and his conflicts affect one another. Because of Will Hunting’s difficult upbringing, the way he communicates his emotions in his relationships are detrimental for himself and others, and conflict arises in his relationships due to his inability to express his emotions well. Will grew up in a tough environment because of the types of relationship violence he faced. First, he was abandoned as a child and became an orphan. Further on in the film, Will talks about the physical abuse …show more content…

One big way to improve Will’s communication is to deal with the relationship violence that occurred to him. Sean started this for him in the scene where he tried to get Will to see that his upbringing was not his fault. This was a big step for Will to understand himself and how he should see his relationships. Through Sean, Will also learned some emotional understanding of himself. Emotional understanding will allow him to have emotional competence. Another part of emotional competence he should learn is emotional expression by address his feelings and letting others know what he truly wants. When Will encounters a conflict, it is important he identifies his goals of how he feels, and identify and logically evaluate the choices in front of him in his relationships. He should start to consider how his choice will affect his relationships. Will will start to have a better outlook on relationships and have healthy one’s when he will consider how he can change his communication in relationship, so unhealthy conflict will not

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