Interpersonal Communication Analysis Paper

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When using REBT to address Maliya’s problems my goals would be to help her recognize and correct irrational thinking and see how her thinking is connected to her behavior. . In order to accomplish this, I would simply explain the concept of irrational thinking and replacing it with more rational thinking. From this point we would begin to examine some of her flawed thinking. In order to find out what her self-talk is, we would need to examine some current problems that she faces by using trauma focuses cognitive behavior therapy and play therapy. By employing the A-B-C-D-E model of disputing, we would learn about her thoughts and feelings regarding any traumatic events. Trauma focused techniques would allow Maliya to practice a new ways of thinking and…show more content…
Maliya is able to effectively communicate when she has had good weeks or bad weeks at home or at school and then explain why. She has talked about having a tough time during school breaks with being bored and feeling alone. Many times she returns to school very anxious and frustrated. We talked about this over the last winter break, and came up with ways to cope with her loneliness and boredom. I gave her an activity/calm down kit with art supplies and a journal to keep at home. The journal provides her with a way to write down her feelings and process them with this counselor when she returns to school. When sharing these experiences, Maliya is very energetic and enthusiastic which suggests to me that her self-confidence has improved. Every session, I continue to bring up her coping skills and ask whether she has felt the need to use the different calming strategies we have talk about. Maliya consistently reports positive things, saying she has used them and they are helpful. This demonstrates to me that Maliya has begun to make better decisions and not use her anger to solve problems at school and at
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