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The interwar period should consist of World War one, World war two and the cold war. In 1910, Portugal became a republic due to the country's military opting to topple King Manuel II (Portugal, 2017: n.p) whose brother and father had been assassinated 2 years earlier, Portugal ended up taking up a liberal constitution stance and elected Manuel Jose de Arriaga as their first elected president (Portugal, 2017: n.p).
Even though the army didn't agree with the ways and policies of the elected government they still opted to stay aboard with the army and only a handful of officers decided to resign from the army( Meneses, 2011 :220) in order to follow Henrique de Paiva Couceiro into exile in the hopes of reinstating the monarchy (Meneses, 2011 …show more content…

Even with their capacity to hold their own in the war, Portugal was only limited to naval support during the war but during the year 1917, Portugal sent an army of 50,000 men to the Western Front where in Belgium they saw action in the war for the first time (Portugal, 2017: n.p)
Portugal fought a war both in Europe and even in Africa (Meneses, 2011:222) the need for military intervention was needed and was also exercised, this was all before Britain opted to request had informed that military intervention was needed (Menseses, 2011: 223). Focusing on the European war that Portugal found them supporting Great Britain and their allies (Menseses, 2011:223).
The officers of the military forces felt as if they were used in a number tactics and felt as if they were being used as chips in a high stake game that no-one was willing to engage in due to the policies and decisions made by the failures of the commanders and governments trying to mend fences that were easily destroyed by the outbreak of the wars (Menseses, 2011:

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