Into The Wild Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Corresponding ideas and uses of rhetorical devices can bridge together multiple stories. The themes of interdependence on other human beings and essentials of life are shown throughout the novels “102 Minutes” by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn, and “Into the Wild” by Jon Krakauer. One may think that these pieces have nothing in common, but in order to interpret the overlying ideas, readers must look deeper than the main ideas of each book to figure out how they develop upon one another. The stories “Into the Wild,” and “102 Minutes” both use a plentiful amount of overarching viewpoints and many of the same tools of rhetoric, such as word choice, delivery and style to help expand and make connections between novels. Jon Krakauer’s purpose for “Into…show more content…
With their formal word choice and the panicky tone within the text, they are able to portray the feelings of those fighting to survive. Repetition is also used to show the severity of the situation such as “The floor is on fire! Help us! The floor is on fire!” The panic sets in after the first plane crashes and then as the story and overarching idea develop, fear and anxiety can be seen in the dialogue of those stuck in the Twin Towers. So like Krakauer, Dwyer and Flynn use actual conversations to add the dynamic of authenticity by providing more than just outside information. This effectively allows readers to follow each story from multiple points of view to give more factual evidence. While this is happening in the book, an overarching idea of unity is created, by the fact that workers are helping each other escape. In order to display this in writing, the tone shifts from upbeat to despondent and fearful. In the first few pages, the authors described a normal workday with everybody arriving to work in a calm manner such as Dianne DeFontes who “...felt safe, if alone in this colossus.” However, 16 minutes after that all hell broke loose with the first plane striking the North Tower at 8:46

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